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IMMAF European Open Championships Results for Day 2

The IMMAF Euros have been running over the past few days in Sofia, Bulgaria. Hosted by the Bulgarian Mixed Martial Arts Federation [BULMMAF] and taking place at the EFE Hotel Marinela in Sofia, the Euros run between 29th March and 2nd April, playing host to some of the best amateur fighters from all over Europe.

Looking at the results below, the Irish have had an absolutely magnificent day, while there have also been several notable wins for UK fighters too.


Bout 1: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs). Stefanos Kyriakides (Cyprus) def Denislav Hadzhiev via a TKO in round 2 2.04
Bout 2: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs). Darren O’Brien (Ireland) def Jack Corr (Northern Ireland) via Arm bar Round 2 2.49

Bout 3: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs). Adam Amarasinghe (UK) def Mahammad Aliyev (Azerbaijan) via Unanimous decision

Bout 4: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs). Mario Moreno (Portugal) def Eddy Nassif (Lebanon) Via Unanimous Decision

Bout 5: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs). Daryl Clarke (Ireland) def Markus Jeskanen (Finland) via TKO round 1 1:49

Bout 6: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs). Florian Doskja (Albania) def Jack Antony Flanagan (UK) via Arm Bar round 3 2:36

Bout 7: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Hoger Salih (Sweden) def Hamad Matter (Bahrain) via Judges decision round 4

Bout 8: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Austin Lynch (Ireland) def Jorge Adrian (Mexico) via Unanimous decision.

Bout 9: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Borislav Angelov (Bulgaria) def Ole Johnny Eriksen (Norway) via KO round 2 0:40

Bout 10: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Anton Pugach (Portugal) def Brendon Elwell (UK) via Split decision

Bout 11: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Delyan Georgiev (Bulgaria) def Kierandip Sahota (UK) via Unanimous decision.

Bout 12: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Jack Maguire (Ireland) def Davide Baggieri (Italy) Via Unanimous decision

Bout 13: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Eemil Kurhela (Finland) def Maher Hamed (Bahrain) via Guillotine choke round 1 0:39

Bout 14: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Gerard Corr (Northern Ireland) def Tobias Bolin (Sweden) via KO round 1 1:52

Bout 15: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Ferdun Osmanov (Bulgaria) def Benjamin Charles Robson (UK) via Unanimous decision.

Bout 16: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Jonathan Ortega def Campanella Mahio (France) via Technical submission round 3 2:01

Bout 17: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Scott Harvey (Ireland) def Ermal Hadribeaj (Albania Via Unanimous decision

Bout 18: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Ziiad Sadaily (Russia) def Nayef Fikey (Bahrain) via Unanimous decision

Bout 19: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Tobias Harila (Sweden) def Sydykie Derman (Russia) via Via KO round 2 1:44

Bout 20: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Ciaran Clarke (Ireland) def Gonçalo Formiga (Portugal) via Rear Naked Choke round 1 1:32

Bout 21: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). José Teixeira (Luxembourg) def Francesco Spinola (Italy) via Knee Bar round 1 1:21

Bout 22: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Iordan Marinov (Bulgaria) def Wolf Gerhartinger (Austria) via Rear naked choke round 1 1:43

Bout 23: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Isakov Issa (Belgium) def Andreas Lødøen (Norway) via Unanimous decision

Bout 24: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Axel Karlsson (Sweden) def Tokoudagba Jonathan (France) via Unanimous decision

Bout 25: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Alex Elsey (UK) def Gabriele Varesano (Italy) via Triangle choke round 3 1:14

Bout 26: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Dawid Zan (Poland) def Gianluigi Ventoruzzo (Italy) Via Split Decision

Bout 27: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Oskar Billar (Sweden) def Jesse Liljeberg (Finland) via Unanimous Decision

Bout 28: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Henri Dimitri (France)  def Ventsislav Ivanov (Bulgaria) Via Unanimous Decision

Bout 29: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Jokhar Taimuskanov (Kazakhstan) def Vitalij Boev (Germany) via Arm Bar round 1 0:35

Bout 30: Male Middleweight (-185lbs). Balázs Kárászi (Hungary) def Vaclav Holota (Czech Republic) via Triangle choke round 2 2:59

Bout 31: Male Middleweight (-185lbs). Dario Bellandi (Italy) def Mario Kainz (Austria) Via KO Round 1 1:25

Bout 32: Male Light Heavyweight (-205lbs). Kudaibergen Toleubayev (Kazakhstan) def Mario Alberto Hernandez Perez (Mexico) via  Round

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